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Mom 9187 U8

Mom 9187 U8

SIVA’s MOM 9817 is a passive RAIN (UHF) RFID label for Mount on Metal applications requiring a narrow printable
tag product. This product is finished with a high performance permanent adhesive for use on and off metal surfaces.
These labels feature a film face to print private logos, product information, or scannable barcodes directly on the
label and its additional flexibility for curved surfaces makes it perfect for tracking a variety of transit items.
With balanced performance on metal, non-metal and liquid container , this product is ideal for tracking asset and tool
tracking in medical devices for healthcare, laptops & servers in IT (information technology), industrial manufacturing,
oil & gas pipelines, liquid container tracking, high value/luxury retail items and many other industry verticals.

  • RF Specification

    Mode of Operation Passive
    Device type Class 1 Gen 2 Passive UHF RFID transponder
    Air interface protocol EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C
    Operational frequency ETSI: 865 – 869 MHz FCC: 902 – 928 MHz
    IC type NXP UCODE 8
    Memory configuration EPC Size 96 – 128 Bits
    Write cycle endurance  100,000
    Data Rentention Up to 20 years
    Read range (2W ERP) ETSI : On Metal upto 4 m, On PTFE upto 8 m, On Glass upto 3 m
    FCC : On Metal upto 4.m, On PTFE upto 6 m, On Glass upto 2.5 m
    Applicable surface materials  All surfaces


  • Environmental resistance

    Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C / -4°F to +158°F
    Withstands Exposure To 95% humidity, 60°C × 100 h, 50% humidity, 80°C × 100 h
    Peak Temperature +100°C for 1 hr, +80°C for 100 hrs
    (Label remains securely attached with object. No physical or performance changes observed)
    Adhesive Service Temperature -20°C to +85°C / -4°F to +185°F
    Recommended Application Temperature +10°C to +38°C / 50°F to +100.4°F
    Water Resistance IP68, tested for 5 hours in 1.5m deep water
    Chemical Resistance No physical or performance changes in:
    – 168 h Salt water (salinity 10%) exposure
    – 168 h Motor oil exposure
    – 12 h NaOH (10%) exposure
    – 30 min Acetone exposure
    Ideal Storage Condition +23°C / 50% RH
    Expected Lifetime Years in normal operating conditions


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