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Measure Station
  • Measure Station

    The Measure Station is a system designed to streamline the measurement process of Fish, by automatically capturing RFID, weight, and length data. This innovative solution is fully integrated with a user-friendly web application that empowers operators to efficiently monitor and control all measurement activities.

    The web application provides a comprehensive interface where operators can access real-time measurement data, allowing for immediate insights. Additionally, it offers functionality to store and manage the captured data, either locally or in the cloud. It can be used offline, with Wi-Fi/ethernet or through 4G.

    The measurement process can also be controlled and monitored through FishTracker, an Aquaculture research and breeding application developed together with some of our customers.


    • Improved load cell arrangement for increased stability and accuracy.
    • Ability to use external weights and antennas.
    • Camera for measuring the length of fish.
    • Measures fork length
    • Option for larger weighing tray. Capable of measuring fish up to 85 cm.
    • Adjustable feet for leveling, including level indicator eye.
    • Software can be configured based on customer request.
    • Specifications

      Dimensions  55.8 x 35.5 x 22.8 cm
      Weight 15 kg
      Color Black


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