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Live Warehouse

Live Warehouse

Live Warehouse is an advanced solution that optimizes inventory management in one smart warehouse. It can be used by corporate customers who want to track their inventory and usage of products in their facility. Live Warehouse has the following features:

  • It uses RFID technology to identify the products, and records every transaction in real time.
  • It sends email alerts to the owner or manager when the inventory level changes, such as when a product is added, removed, or low in stock.
  • It provides access to interactive dashboards that show the current inventory status, and product information. The dashboards can be viewed on a web browser or on a large screen in the warehouse.
  • It allows users to create new products by scanning the barcode of the product and printing an RFID tag for it. The tag can be attached to the product and placed in the warehouse.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface that guides the users through the inventory process.

Live Warehouse is a smart solution that simplifies inventory management for corporate customers.

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