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24/7 RFID Cabinet
  • 24/7 RFID Cabinet

    If your business requires providing customers with 24/7 access to materials, products or services, an automated self-service solution can be an effective option. This type of solution allows for unattended and always-available access through secure smart cabinets, containers or checkout rooms.


    Key features of such a solution include RFID or other automatic identification technologies for real-time inventory tracking and automatic replenishment. Materials and products are identified as they are dispensed from or returned to the automated points of access. This enables accurate stock levels and consumption data to be monitored remotely.


    The self-service points can be deployed wherever access is needed, such as at customer job sites, warehouses or other facilities. Transactions are securely registered and can integrate with backend systems for automated ordering, billing or other processes. Remote management through a cloud-based portal allows for real-time oversight and control.


    An end-to-end solution provider can customize the optimal configuration based on your specific business needs and integrate all required hardware, software and services. This provides a turnkey solution that is quick and easy to implement. Benefits include 24/7 availability with no staffing costs, secure controlled access, and data-driven insights for forecasting and improving operations.

    Automating access in this way can enhance customer service, optimize inventory and unlock new revenue streams through expanded access hours. Consulting a solutions provider is recommended to explore how such a system could maximize value for your unique application.



      Dimensions (outer) 1200 x 576 x 1888 mm (w x d x h)
      Weight 130 kg
      Volume 1117 L
      Cabinet shell Powder painted steel plate / aluminium
      Number of shelves  6
      Shelf size 1195 x 490 (w x d)
      Usage environment Intended for indoor use





      Ingress protection IP54, usage ambient

      temperature max 35°C


      Input power 110-230VAC / 50-60Hz
      Power consumption <100W
      Data connectivity 2G / 3G / 4G, Ethernet, Wifi
      Access control UHF default
      Interfaces User interface and local API for integration




      Product capacity 1000 pcs max
      Technology RAIN RFID (EPC Gen2v2, ISO 18 000-63)
      Inventory reading time <10s / 1000 tags


      Optional features/add-ons

      Display and easy user interface

      Transparent doors 1-2 pcs

      Custom colour & branding

      Led lights

      Access control technology: HF, NFC

      Door reader applicable to customer’s existing access key solution

      Sato RFID Printer for printing tags

      Temperature sensor 

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