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Collaborative Asset Visitibility Application (CAVA)

CAVA is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses optimize processes related to the handling of reusable assets like pallets. By automating tracking, reporting and analytics of tagged assets, CAVA aims to reduce costs and increase efficiency for users.

The CAVA platform provides:
• Automated data capture from RFID/barcode readers
• Standardized reporting of asset movements and balances to owners
• Blockchain-enabled traceability of asset histories and linked product data
• AI-powered analytics and recommendations for optimization
• APIs for easy integration with third-party systems
Initially focused on pallets, CAVA has the flexibility to support other shared resources like containers and tools. All processes are cloud-based for easy scalability.

• Reduce labor costs for manual asset tracking and reporting
• Improve supply chain efficiency through real-time visibility of assets
• Enable traceability, quality control and environmental monitoring
• Data-driven insights into optimization of assets and resource usage

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